For Immediate Release
March 26, 2008

Endorsements continue to roll in for Greear

Charleston, WV – Charleston attorney and Attorney General Candidate Dan Greear today announced additional support from legislators across the state.

Greear is very pleased and humbled to have even more elected officials support his campaign.

“Running a statewide race is very exciting; I find myself in a different part of the state every day,” said Greear. “Having support from legislators in nearly every area in the state is encouraging as a candidate. Officeholders elected by the people of West Virginia believe I am the best Republican candidate for the job,” stated Greear. “I feel honored to now have endorsements from twenty-two current and former legislators. To my knowledge at this time, my opponent has not received the endorsement of a single elected official in our state,” said Greear.

“I am pleased to announce Delegate Kelli Sobonya, Delegate Ray Canterbury, Delegate Carol Miller and Delegate Troy Andes have now pledged their endorsements,” Greear said. “I am humbled to have the support of these fantastic and energetic leaders and I look forward to working with them as our next Attorney General,” added Greear. Many legislators have already assisted by organizing fund raisers in their hometowns and participated in Greear's grassroots effort by going door-to-door.

“Our first hurdle is to win the primary. With the support of Republicans across the state and with the backing of our elected officials, we are pleased with our progress thus far.”

Greear believes he will receive endorsements of legislators in both parties. Legislators in the state, Democrats and Republicans, have expressed anger with the current Attorney General due to McGraw's history of allocating settlement funds. Greear, being a former legislator, believes lawmakers are ultimately responsible for the state's budget. When programs are underfunded or cut, the citizens of West Virginia are hurt. These settlement funds should be entered in the general revenue fund and allocated by the Legislature.

The following legislators have expressed their commitment to Greear's candidacy: House Minority Leader Del. Tim Armstead, Del. Jonathon Miller, Del. John Overington, Del. Craig Blair, Del. Daryl Cowles, Del. Bob Ashley, Del. Mitch Carmichael, Del. Bill Anderson, Del. Larry Border, Del. Allan Evans, Del Ron Walters, Del. Patrick Lane, Del. John Ellem, Del. Tom Azinger, Del. Kelli Sobonya, Del. Carol Miller and Del. Troy Andes. Greear's Senate support includes Sen. Vic Sprouse, Sen Mike Hall, Sen. Donna Boley and Sen. Frank Deem. Former State Senators Sarah Minear, Steve Harrison and Delegate Ann Calvert are also among Greear's supporters.

Greear is a lifelong resident of Kanawha County, graduating from South Charleston High School in 1986 as a National Merit Scholar. He graduated third in his class from the WVU school of Law in the spring of 1992 where he also served as associate manuscript editor for the West Virginia Law Review. He served in the West Virginia House of Delegates representing Kanawha County’s 30th District in 1995 and 1996. Dan currently resides in South Charleston with his wife Amy, a social worker for Kanawha Hospice Care, and their two children, Joshua, 8 and Ben, 6.

Greear for AG Committee
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