From the day I take office, there will be immediate and drastic change in the Attorney General’s Office as follows:

  1. All settlements obtained by the Attorney General will be turned over to the specific government agencies involved and/or the general fund without exception. The practice of designating how these funds are to be used or where they will be distributed will end immediately.
  2. No Trinkets. The taxpayers will no longer have to pay for the perpetual re-election campaign of the sitting Attorney General. While advertising expenses to publicize the services offered by the office may be legitimate, self-promotional items which emphasize the officeholder will be eliminated. There will be no "Attorney General Greear" vans driving through the state of West Virginia.
  3. If and when outside attorneys need to be retained, an open and competitive process will be established. Attorneys will be hired who offer the best services at the best price to West Virginia citizens. Political connections will not be a consideration.